Online CSS Scrollbar Color Changer

Change the scrollbar colors in an HTML page

CSS Scrollbar Color ChangerUsing the controls below you can easily change the scrollbar colors for your HTML page. Enter hexadecimal color values, for example: "#FF0033", in the textboxes and the preview areas on the right of the page will update to show your new colors. The 'Base Color' can be used to shade the entire scollbar, and the following colors to further refine parts of the scrollbar. The cascading style sheet code for the scrollbars that you create is displayed automatically below. By copying this code and pasting it into your HTML page you will be able to quickly change the scrollbars for your website.

You can select styles from the dropdown menu, and create new ones. Any new styles that you create will be automatically saved as you create them. You can return to this page at any time and see your styles or create new ones.

Please note that colored scrollbars are only available for Internet Explorer, not Mozilla or Firefox.
CSS Scrollbar Color Changer
 Style Name
 Scrollbar Base Color
Scrollbar Arrow Color
Scrollbar 3DLight Color
Scrollbar Darkshadow Color
Scrollbar Face Color
Scrollbar Highlight Color
Scrollbar Shadow Color
Scrollbar Track Color

Insert the following in your HTML page to change the scrollbars:
If you need a color picker then you're welcome to use our free ColorPic.
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